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Listen to partner Falk Schoening discuss the Monitor element of our toolkit.

Brexit means different things to different businesses. The implications will depend on the sector in which you operate, the nature of your product or service, the profile of your investments, suppliers and customers, and how you view the balance between the opportunity to expand, and the risk to your ability to continue, your commercial activity.

The general uncertainty about future arrangements in trade, regulation and the broader UK-EU relationship extends across all sectors. It is important to approach this uncertainty fully prepared and aware of all potential ramifications of Brexit on all relevant areas of your company’s operations; this requires the gathering of political and commercial intelligence which can be interpreted to secure informed insight.

Knowledge is power

While developments remain fluid politically and economically, it is important to ensure that your business is aware of:

shifts in the political landscape in the UK and the EU;
developments in legal and regulatory thinking; and
how these are being viewed in markets further afield.

Over the next few months and years your business should remain abreast of developments in London, Brussels and the other EU Member States. Key to this will be optimizing the ways in which you gain your intelligence and insight. You should be well informed about public developments. However, it is equally important to gain an understanding of the underlying pressures, motivations, conflicts and issues in relation to the UK-EU relationship, and the complex issues which will have a practical impact on your business.

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