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Listen to partner Charles Brasted discuss the Engage element of our toolkit.

Following the EU referendum in the UK, businesses around the world are assessing what impact Brexit could have on their operations and relationships in the UK, the EU, and internationally.

At the moment, there are many unknowns. However, whatever sector or country you operate in, the sooner you are ready to engage with government to shape the impact of Brexit on your business, the greater the opportunities will be.

The following policy engagement steps will help you to optimize the business landscape for your business, your employees and your stakeholders.

  1. Set up an internal “Brexit Taskforce”
  2. Analyze
  3. Evaluate and focus
  4. Appoint advisors
  5. Be ready to engage
  6. Articulate your response
  7. Find allies
  8. Identify targets
  9. Be constructive
  10. Stay ahead

Planning for Brexit is likely to be the biggest strategic challenge for many businesses in the next decade. Our dedicated Brexit service combines experienced, sectorfocused legal counsel with political monitoring and government, stakeholder and media relations advisors.

We can help you to analyze your current environment; develop a strategy for shaping the law, regulations and arrangements that most affect your business; work alongside you to engage and negotiate with the right decision-makers in government using the most persuasive arguments; and advise you on the business impact of each development as it happens.

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