Beyond Brexit transition

The impact on corporate law and corporate transactions

Contacts: Peter Watts, Caitlin Weeks, Richard Diffenthal, Ben Higson

Any deal is unlikely to have a significant impact on the laws which directly govern companies and transactions but dealmakers will need to understand the implications of issues such as merger control and data transfers. That would be equally true in a no-deal scenario.

More fundamentally, any deal will be one of the foundation stones for the future direction of the UK’s economy, regulatory environment and relationship with the rest of the world.  Both in overall approach and detailed provisions it will have important implications for corporate strategies, structure and deal making over the next decade.


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Until now, the process of the UK leaving the EU has had very little direct impact on the law and regulation applicable in the UK. 

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EU law currently provides a simple, fast and cost-effective mechanism for a party to enforce a judgment of the English courts in the courts of an EU Member State and vice versa. This mechanism will no longer be available for claims commenced in the UK after the 1 January 2021, unless otherwise agreed between the EU and the UK.

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During the transitional period, the freedom of movement principle continues to apply and employers have been able to employ and recruit EEA nationals and Swiss nationals on the same basis as before Brexit.