Beyond Brexit transition

Brexit uncertainty creates an opportunity for European investment by Japenese companies

Contact: Jacky Scanlan-Dyas

Japanese companies have long seen the UK as a gateway into Europe. However, the daunting prospect of a no-deal Brexit has already prompted many Japanese companies to shift their operations or European headquarters from the UK to the continent.   Although a deal may finally be in sight, given the ongoing uncertainties surrounding Brexit and the challenges surrounding UK/EU supply chains many of our Japanese clients have been and still are looking hard at their European footprint. Against a background of a shrinking Japanese domestic market and the removal of trade barriers thanks to the EU/Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, it’s not surprising to see that Japanese interest in European targets is significantly increasing.


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EU law currently provides a simple, fast and cost-effective mechanism for a party to enforce a judgment of the English courts in the courts of an EU Member State and vice versa. This mechanism will no longer be available for claims commenced in the UK after the 1 January 2021, unless otherwise agreed between the EU and the UK.

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