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A New Basis for Access to UK/EU Financial Services Post-Brexit

26 September 2017

A group representing the UK’s financial and professional services sector, the International Regulatory Strategy Group (IRSG), has today published a Brexit blueprint, in collaboration with Hogan Lovells, for how the UK can continue trading with the EU after leaving the bloc.

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Industries: Financial Institutions, FinTech
Services: Financial Services

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Brexit - the Voices of European Business

14 September 2017

In the common interest: business perspectives on priorities for a Brexit that secures prosperity for Europe

The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE) has published a report, which gives voice to business operating in Continental Europe. The report, Brexit – the Voices of European Business, identifies key areas of common interest and also sets out priorities for a Brexit that secures prosperity for Europe.

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Jurisdictions: Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Frankfurt, Hamburg, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Madrid, Italy, Russia, Munich, France, Rome, Poland, Croatia

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The UK's domestic agenda - readying UK law for Brexit

11 July 2017

Infographic depicting the UK's current domestic legal framework and what will need to change post-Brexit. Leaving the EU will require the most comprehensive re-writing of the UK's statute book ever undertaken by the UK. Parliament must unpick over 40 years of integration between the UK and EU legal systems and ensure that no gaps are left in the process.

The Government’s proposed solution, the Repeal Bill, will need to re­flect the outcome of the EU/UK negotiations and ensure legal certainty for UK citizens and businesses.

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Navigating the Negotiations - A Practical Roadmap

12 June 2017

While the fallout from the result of the UK General Election continues, the Brexit process itself is due to enter a new phase, with formal negotiations between the UK and the EU scheduled to begin during the week commencing 19 June.

Whilst those negotiations remain uncertain (and the Election result will inevitably raise new questions as to the UK's negotiating strategy), the process is at least as important as the ultimate outcome.  The process will determine whether business is able to plan ahead or is left uncertain up to the last minute and faces sudden, unpredictable, changes.

From a practical perspective, understanding the process is therefore key to managing Brexit business risk.

"Brexit – a Practical Roadmap" is the essential companion to the journey. 

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What now for Brexit?: Post Election Briefing

9 June 2017

In the UK’s General Election on 8 June 2017, Theresa May’s Conservatives fell short of a Parliamentary majority even though they secured the largest share of the popular vote and seats in the House of Commons. Mrs May has since confirmed her intention to continue as a minority government.

This raises a number of issues for an already uncertain Brexit process. Will the Brexit deal the UK seeks remain unchanged? Can negotiations realistically start on 19 June as planned? There seems little doubt that there will be increased instability in the UK political position for the foreseeable future. Will the minority government be able to operate effectively?

We address below some of the key questions arising in this context.

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Jurisdictions: United Kingdom